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Top Tier Gift from Microsoft (and from Partner1)

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Happy holidays!

 Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program rolled out major updates to the IP Co-Sell program and for Marketplace Transactable partners. They're very significant for ISVs selling with Microsoft.

As a reminder, Top Tier partners are those that have sold a significant volume or total dollar value of deals through the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace or made a large monetary commitment to Microsoft.

A brief summary of changes impacting non-Top Tier partners

  1. ALL eligible Azure IP Co-Sell incentivized solutions from ALL partners (previously was just for Top Tier partners) will now benefit from Microsoft sellers receiving Marketplace Billed Sales (MBS) credit.

Translation: Microsoft sellers will get quota retirement for all deals transacted through Marketplace by Azure IP Co-Sell incentivized partners for all their Azure IP Co-Sell incentivized solutions


2. This is retroactive to July 1, 2023 and applies for the entire FY24, ending on June 30, 2024!!

Translation: Microsoft sellers will get credit for ANY applicable Azure IP Co-Sell deal transacted through Marketplace in FY24! This will allow companies to hit Top Tier eligibility faster for FY25.


3. Top Tier eligibility means SaaS Companies have access to PRACR (Partner Reported ACR). We'll do a post on this soon, but the net of it is that each month, SaaS partners report Azure consumption per customer to Microsoft and Microsoft sellers get credit for this consumption.

Tip: Make sure you're registering on-marketplace and off-marketplace deals with Microsoft.

Read here for more details on technical guidance or how to have us deploy this for you by the end of 2023.

Note that the majority of Microsoft partners still need to have a Marketplace Transactable offer in the Commercial Marketplace by December 31, 2023, for their IP Co-Sell incentivized solutions.



🎁 Partner1 is giving away 10 strategy sessions to ISVs and solutions partners in the #Microsoft ecosystem.

As a #WBENC certified and Minority owned business, we'll be conducting an additional 5 sessions for Women and Minority owned companies.

These sessions are valued at over $2,700 each and have resulted in companies unlocking hundreds of thousands of incentives and millions in revenue.

Apply by 💥 12/31/2023 (or on a rolling basis through January 2024 for our newsletter subscribers)💥 and we'll reach out if you've been selected. The sessions will be scheduled for 2024 and you will have priority access to our upcoming launches. Happy Partnering!


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Juhi Saha
Juhi Saha

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