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Leveraging Partnerships for Revenue Growth: Not Just for Tech Companies

Consultants and service providers often overlook the power of partnerships as a strategy for revenue...

What would you do with an extra $10,000?

FY24 Opportunities for Teams Publishers Are you aMicrosoftpartner who has published a Teams app as w...

Demystifying how to create a transactable offer in Microsoft Marketplace

What is a transactable offer? A transactable offer is a type of offer that allows customers to purch...

How to Leverage Cloud Marketplaces for Your Business

Learn about the pros and cons of selling your software solutions on cloud platforms What are cloud m...

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🚀 Unlocking Growth with Microsoft Commercial Marketplace

As organizations navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape, leveraging platforms that drive ef...

Boost Your Business with Microsoft Marketplace and Multi-Party Deals

A guide for ISV and SI partners to co-sell with Microsoft and create win-win scenarios for enterpris...

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Dec, 2023

Top Tier Gift from Microsoft (and from Partner1)

Happy holidays!

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Leveraging FY24 Co-op Funding: A Strategic Guide for Microsoft Partners

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