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FY24 Opportunities for Teams Publishers


Are you a Microsoft partner who has published a Teams app as well as a SaaS app in the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace?

If so, there is an incredible opportunity available to you through the end of June 2024. You also have the opportunity to get ready for FY25 by incorporating Copilot into your Teams solutions.

We're thrilled to co-present this article and upcoming series on activating these benefits with Microsoft. Thank you to Elena Kennedy from Microsoft for her guidance and support to Microsoft Teams partners.

Elena Kennedy shares details about two incredible opportunities in this video

Marketplace Incentives for FY24 (ends on June 30, 2024)

Microsoft is offering a $10,000 incentive when you monetize your Teams app by pairing it with a transactable SaaS offer and transacting $10,000 through the marketplace.

Creating Microsoft Teams applications has led to an increased number of deals, larger deal sizes, and accelerated deal time. A Forrester total economic impact report showed impressive metrics for business opportunities for Microsoft Teams applications sold through the commercial marketplace. The report found an increased number of deals at 40 to 300% higher, increased deal sizes up to 650%, and deals closing up to 76% faster on the commercial marketplace.

Don't miss this opportunity to monetize your Teams app and elevate your profile with thousands of Microsoft Sellers.

What can you do today?

Create a transactable SaaS offer if you don't have one already, and link your Teams app to your transactable SaaS offer today to monetize your Teams app.


Partner1 can help you get transactable in under a week if you have a SaaS solution that you want to link to your transactable Teams solution. We can also help you create a transactable Teams offer if you don't have one today.

Contact us at marketplace@partner1.io to get started!

Build innovative experiences for Microsoft Copilot and Microsoft Teams

Let's future-proof your Teams app and talk AI! A Forrester AI report estimates that 83% of enterprise decision-makers plan to increase AI spend this year. Leverage your Teams app to grow your business and reach a large and growing user base in Teams and across the Microsoft ecosystem.

Partner1 can help you build a Teams app and extend it to Copilot. Contact us here to get started.

Activate these benefits today, only available for a limited time in Microsoft FY24. Don't miss this opportunity to monetize your Teams app and grow your business!

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Juhi Saha
Juhi Saha

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